Why Keycon

Keycon Unlocks Your Home’s Potential

Unlocking potential. It’s what Keycon does. By unlocking the creativity and expertise of its team members, Keycon unlocks your home’s potential for beauty and quality… and helps you live your best, most beautiful life.

After many years in this business we understand. Your home’s layout, materials, colors, features and finishes have a profound effect on your well-being.

It’s not the same as the choice of a car, or clothing, or a tv. The construction and design of your personal space – your home – is different. It’s where you cook. It’s where you sleep. It’s where you share. It’s where you live.

How Keycon Does It

At Keycon we take construction and design seriously, not only in the result, but in the process. When you hire Keycon, you get a trusted partner committed to unlocking your home’s potential, and this is how we do it:

Building trusting relationships

Keycon seeks to build trusting relationships among its team members, clients, and partners (suppliers and subcontractors) through open and transparent communication, deep listening, and respect. Trust is the foundation on which every project is built.

Collaborating to find solutions

Keycon values collaboration in finding solutions while always striving to improve and thinking outside the box. By working together in a spirit of cooperation, we can increase productivity while avoiding costly mistakes.

Combining expertise with accountability

The Keycon team offers expertise gained through years of service. Keycon also respects the expertise of our partners and clients. We know a lot, but we don’t know everything, and we’re committed to asking questions, always learning, and giving our best.

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    About Keycon

    Keycon, Inc. (Mountain View, Calif.) is the award-winning design/build contractor renown for preserving and renewing the Bay Area’s iconic Eichler homes. With 40+ years of experience, Keycon also works in contemporary, transitional, and other styles, offering kitchen and bath remodeling, additions, whole house remodeling, new construction, repairs, and more. Call 650-965-1256 or email office@keyconinc.com for a free consultation or visit www.keyconinc.com for project photos and more info. Keycon, Inc., 495 N. Whisman Road, Suite 400, Mountain View, CA 94043. Calif. State Contractor’s License #888337.