Read about Keycon’s commitment to service and quality. These are our values:

Ron Key at the Eichler Remodeling Faire

Keycon believes in and follows business practices that respect the business, professional, and personal needs of all the individuals and businesses we work with. We see each person or company we have contact with as members of our community and strive to treat them with respect and understanding. In practice, this philosophy requires us to practice the following principles:

Personal responsibility

We are honest in all our efforts. We do not lie, cheat, or steal. When wrong, we admit it. If we don’t know, we ask. We don’t blame others for our mistakes, but we do not accept responsibility for the mistakes of others. We practice the Golden Rule in our dealings with each other. We are not “mind readers” and, therefore, we seek out or provide abundant information to others in our work world who may need it.

Pride in our Work

We are proud of all our work efforts, whether performing a skilled building trade or answering a customer call. We take the time and exercise the degree of care needed to create a work product that we appreciate (and that the customer appreciates).

Personal Growth

Although we work hard, we also want and need time to grow personally. We encourage all Keycon employees (and contractors) to “get a life” and live it to the fullest.

Professional Development

Keycon’s business, like so many others, is changing rapidly, and only businesses and individuals who stay abreast of the new skills and technology will survive in this new century. As a result, we encourage and expect all employees or contractors to continue to expand their professional skills through college or similar course work, or personal self-study efforts.

Just Rewards for Good Work

We believe those who do good work should be properly rewarded. Whether through praise or through the pocketbook, individuals deserving a reward for their efforts will be properly rewarded.