Keycon Spotlight: Pool House Speaks ‘Eichler’

Keycon project adds modernist therapeutic facility to Eichler backyard

Excerpted with permission from The Eichler Network

When is a pool house not just a pool house?

When it’s an Eichleresque physical therapy facility, that’s when.

And, for Eichler owner Carol Winograd, that therapeutic description is exactly what the doctor ordered. These days Winograd can slip into her required aquatic therapy any time of the day without leaving her Eichler home.

“It really is well-designed,” said Winograd of the nearly three-year backyard project that has been helping maintain her health since its completion last year. What’s more, the pool house structure looks much like a real Eichler—very open, lots of glass, post and beam—a mini-Eichler, if you will, that nicely complements the Winogrand Eichler home adjacent to it.

Carol and husband Terry are retired Stanford professors, who in 1983 bought one of the approximately 100 Eichlers built on campus exclusively for faculty and staff.

Ever dream of building an Eichler dedicated to housing your own indoor swimming pool?
Carol Winograd did—and today the ‘pool house’ (pictured here) serves as Carol’s personal
physical therapy facility. Photo: Scott DuBose

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